Crypto 3 Reviews and Testimonials

Thank you to all our customers who shared their positive experiences using the Crypto 3 System.

“The Crypto 3 System is so simple. I just followed your video. I used the kit you had sent me and had my first two crypto plates done in less than an hour.

I gave the first of the stainless plates to my sister. She has placed it in her water tank. I have also told her how to access my Cryptos if anything ever happens to me.
The second stainless steel plate is buried in my garden.
I am no longer worried about losing my Bitcoin and tokens.”Joe H - Maryland

“At first I was reluctant to get your Crypto 3 kit. I have millions of Euros on my Ledger Nano and I just couldn’t seem to match the technology of the cryptos and the blockchain with your simple Crypto 3 stuff.

But I thought about it, and it is what it is. I now have a Crypto plate stashed away in my home, one in my office and I have the other in a safe deposit box. It is a brilliant simple solution that I would recommend to anybody.”E. H. - Geneva

“I ordered it and it arrived about a week later. I had my plates stamped in about an hour. My daughter has one, my lawyer has one and I have the other. Please rush me another kit, I am giving it to my son for his birthday.”

James – New York
“I got the Ethereum and Bitcoin for my kids. Like you said, I needed to protect my legacy. Good advice Francis. I followed your 2 videos no problem. Even the coding video was simple enough. My two plates are now where they need to be, my wife and I feel a lot better than we did.”

Eric T - UK