Breakthrough NEW Simple System
You Can Now Protect ALL Your Passwords, Your Private Keys, Your Seed Words, Your PIN Numbers from ANY Disaster.

Ancient Metal Art Meets Blockchain Technology!


1- ENCODE your crypto wallet passwords, PIN number  etc

2 – STAMP the information onto  your 3 INDESTRUCTIBLE stainless steel plates.

3 – CONCEAL the plates in soil, water, fire place, attic, under floorboards, a family member, a friend, anywhere you want – remember – these plates are ENCODED and INDESTRUCTIBLE

You must never rely on a paper wallet or a paper back up of your password, seed words, PIN numbers, account addresses – your entire cryptocurrency portfolio is at risk.

Paper burns.
Paper disintegrates.
You throw paper out every single day.
Do you read every single piece? No.
Hell, even the ink fades.

You must take this simple action today to protect your cryptocurrencies.

Your Crypto Passwords, PIN Numbers, Seed Words and Private Keys Are at Risk from:

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Even from Your Memory Loss.

Not to mention Earthquakes, Hurricanes, etc.

FACT: Sooner or Later…


Don’t Think It Can Happen to You?

Well, it happened to Mark Frauenfelder.
Mark (@frauenfelder) was an editor at WIRED and the founding editor in chief of MAKE magazine.

He also co-founded the tech/culture site BoingBoing.
He’s the director of research at the Institute of the Future’s Blockchain Futures Lab.

So if he can lose his passwords, seed words and stuff – it can happen to you!

Read how Mark lost over $30,000 of Bitcoin Click this link

(Last time I looked that $30k of Bitcoin was worth ts worth about $75,000.)

California 2017.
Estimated $500 Million of Cryptocurrencies lost  in fires.
Because people only had paper back up wallets.
And they were burnt.

Do Not Let This Happen to You!

Protect Your Cryptos Right Now
for only $187 + Shipping

You can pay in the following fiat Currencies:
£ GBP, $ Dollar, Euro €
You can also pay in the cryptocurrency of your choice.


Francis Taylor
Inventor of The Crypto 3 System

My name is Francis Taylor. If you haven’t done so already, please watch the short video above.
It may save you from losing all your cryptos.

I have my own engineering company for almost 30 years. And I have successfully invested in cryptos for about 2 years.

Recently I lost my Trezor hardware wallet.

No problem, or so I thought. After all, I could always recover my account with my seed words….

Except there was a problem.
I couldn’t find my recovery seed words either.

I Had Lost My Back Up Paper Wallet Passwords.
A Sickening Feeling of Dread Took Over Me as I Searched One Place After Another…

As the realisation of what I had done began to sink in, I was frantic and almost paralysed at the same time, feelings of embarrassment and shame squirmed in my gut as I imagined telling my family and friends that I had lost my cryptocurrencies.
I was so angry, I raged, I fought back tears as I slowly came to terms with what I had done.
I had been fortunate enough to invest in a few cryptos before they exploded in value. I thought I was so clever…
And now the whole lot was gone.
I couldn’t blame a hacker. I couldn’t blame the government or some quirk of fate.
I had nobody to blame but myself.

I had simply lost my Trezor and seed word list. They had simply vanished from my house…

I Felt Such a F***ing Fool –
Relying On a Paper Back Up!

How could I have been so casual with my PIN, my seed words, my passwords, as to put them on a piece of paper…. ?
And then to simply lose it…

Yet that is what I had done.

I followed advice given by Trezor and Ledger Nano, I kept a physical paper record and now both were gone.

I called a friend and she came around to my home. She listened, she made me tea, she told me to get a grip and then we began to search all over again.
After 8 hours of tearing the house apart we had found nothing. I sat down, staring into space, trying to come to terms with losing all my cryptocurrencies.
And then I remembered.

Just like that. The memories came flooding back. The previous week I had decided to get the Trezor out of the house. I had put both the Trezor and my seed words together in the greenhouse! (Never ever keep your Trezor or Nano in the same place…).

I ran down the garden. I almost fell to my knees as I scrambled under the pots and pulled out the sealed plastic bag containing the Trezor and seed word card.

At first, I shouted, I laughed, I punched the air in delight, joy and gratitude.
Then I slowly began to acknowledge the close shave I just had.

And I swore, never again. Never ever again.

I Decided There and Then to Come up with a 100% Reliable Solution.
So That My PIN, Passwords and Seed Words
Would Not and Could Not Ever Be
Lost, Hacked, Burned, Stolen, Eroded, Corroded.

You Name It – I Wanted 100% Protection!

Using my thirty years of engineering experience, I soon came up with a simple and guaranteed way of storing my seed words, my PIN, my passwords and account details.

It is so good – even if my PIN, seed words and passwords fell into the wrong hands – they could not use them!

Yet – even if my PIN, seed words and passwords were burned in a house fire – like in California – I could still use them.
Even if I forgot the whereabouts of my Trezor or Ledger Nano, my PIN, my seed words and my passwords – my simple system would let me know what they are.

This Simple Solution is Now Yours
It is called

The Crypto 3 System

We ALL Lose Things.

But From Now On, You Will
Your Cryptocurrencies-

Fire. Theft. Hackers. Memory Loss. Faded Ink. Water Damage. Hurricane. Etc, etc.

“A simple and brilliant idea”

And it Really is as Simple as 1-2-3

Write down the PIN, seed words and passwords that you want to save and protect. You can save your information in a coded or un-coded format.
If you want your words to be in a code format, simply put the words through the simple software that converts the words to a code that is known only to you.
(Don’t worry, if it sounds complicated, it is not.)
Transfer the information, either coded or un-coded, onto your pieces of indestructible stainless steel.
This process is simple and quick. See the video above.
Give one piece of the stainless steel to your friend, or a family member, or even your lawyer. Just choose someone you can trust to keep it for you.
Hide the other stainless-steel plate in a place you are unlikely to forget. It could be in your garden, your toilet, in the attic, behind a picture frame or mirror, anywhere at all. Don’t worry, it is not going to burn, melt, corrode, or whatever.

You May Think You Don’t Need the Crypto 3 System…


Have You Ever Lost Your Mobile Phone?

Have You Ever Lost Your Wallet?

Have You Ever Lost Your Purse?

Have You Ever Lost Your Glasses?

Have You Ever Lost a £20 or $20 note?

Have You Ever Lost Your Keys?

Have You Ever Lost Your Pet?

See, this really does happen – to you.

“The Crypto 3 System is so simple. I just followed your video. I used the kit you had sent me and had my first two crypto plates done in less than an hour.

I gave the first of the stainless plates to my sister. She has placed it in her water tank. I have also told her how to access my Cryptos if anything ever happens to me.

The second stainless steel plate is buried in my garden.

I am no longer worried about losing my Bitcoin and tokens.”Joe H - Maryland

How Many Documents or Other Bits of Paper Have You Lost in Your Life?
So many that you cannot begin to count.


FACT: Your Cryptocurrencies Need More Protection Than Any Other Document You Have Ever Had.


Because if You Lose Your Trezor or Ledger Nano Seed Words – THERE IS NO ONE COMING TO THE RESCUE!

No One. It Is Over. They Are Gone – For Ever.

Can You Now See the Point of The Crypto 3 System?

Sooner or Later…


If You Are Serious at All About Protecting Your Cryptocurrency Wealth – Then You Must Order Your Crypto 3 System Now –

For only$187 + Shipping, you will have

Immediate Protection of your PIN Number, Seed Words, Passwords and any other information you need to protect
Free Simple Coding Software offers you tens of thousands of codes –
means others cannot steal your cryptocurrencies.
*Please note: This software is freely available worldwide – so no one here or anywhere else ever sees your seed words or PIN numbers – only you see it.
Your information is SAFE.
Complete Peace of Mind
You Will Be More Relaxed Knowing Your Cryptos are SAFE.
Yet many millions of £ and $ worth already protected with The Crypto 3 System.
Easy to Follow Simple Video Training and Customer Support
I will hold your hand and walk you through the simple process STEP BY STEP.
If you pay in fiat currencies, you have a full 90 Day Unconditional Money Back Guarantee.

Protect Your Cryptos

For your convenience, we accept the following fiat Currencies £ GBP, $ Dollar, Euro €

We also accept the following crypto currencies









Bitcoin Cash




Click the Get Started Now Button

You will be able to follow this simple system.

“I got the Ethereum and Bitcoin for my kids. Like you said, I needed to protect my legacy. Good advice Francis. I followed your 2 videos no problem. Even the coding video was simple enough. My two plates are now where they need to be, my wife and I feel a lot better than we did.”Eric T - UK

So that is it. A very scary problem with a simple solution.
The Crypto 3 System is simple, very effective and you will be able to use it.
If you have any problem at all, then myself or my Customer Support Team will help you.
Best Wishes

Francis Taylor

PS: Even if you only have a few of the smaller valued crypto currencies –YOU NEED TO PROTECT THEM. Several currencies have increased 1000s of % – so do not risk them any longer.

PPS:Don’t even think of taking unnecessary shortcuts and doing this yourself. Why not?

1) You need annealed 304 stainless steel. Nothing else will do it. Annealed means it not too hard, so you will be able to stamp your numbers and letters easily. The chromium and nickel content of this steel means it will never corrode. And NEVER use aluminium – it will melt in a housefire.

2) You can of course just stamp your PIN, passwords and seed words onto your plates and hide them away.

Or you may prefer to choose extra security by using the Coding software. You can quickly easily use the software to generate one of thousands of different codes. *Please note: This software is freely available worldwide – so no one here or anywhere else ever sees your seed words or PIN numbers – only you see it.
Your information is SAFE.

Let me give you an example. In fact, let Donald Trump give you an example.

Using Donald Trump to Explain How Simple and Easy It Is to Use the Coding Software

Name: Donald Trump.
Date of Birth: 14th June 1946.

Like many people, Donald has bought a Trezor and chose a PIN number that is associated with a personal date. This is not a good idea.

In his case, his chosen PIN number is 1946.

For the sake of this example, his first three seed words are:


The first step is to convert the 4-digit Trezor PIN number into a simple alphabetic code.

Rather than choosing the obvious 1 = A, 2 = B, 3 = C etc, Donald’s name begins with D, so he has ticked the box in the software, so his alphabetic code begins with the letter D.

D = 1,
E = 2,
F = 3 etc.


So by simply putting 1946 into the software and pressing DECRYPT, the software instantly returns the result, in this case




So now Donald can stamp his Crypto 3 stainless-steel plates with his encoded PIN number DLGI.

In future, if he ever forgets his code, he only needs to remember D for Donald = 1.

From there he can work it out. No one else could, least not without a great deal of time.

The second part of the Coding Software to encrypt the 24 seed words and any other passwords and passphrases.
In this case, we will demonstrate on the first three words, which are

The software will now convert the above three words into numbers.

Rather than choosing the obvious A = 1, B = 2, C = 3, Donald’s surname, Trump, begins with the letter T.
So we can tell the software to start with T = 1, U = 2, V = 3, etc

(Don’t worry this is only a few clicks and I will walk you through it on the training video).

By simply putting ECONOMY into the software and pressing ENCRYPT, the software instantly returns the result; in this case 12 .10 .22 .21 .22 .20 .6

You repeat the process for the next two words, GOING and DOWN.
Each word coding takes just a few seconds.
Within a few seconds, the words
are converted to
12 .10 .22 .21 .22 .20 .6
14 .22 .16 .21 .14
11 .22 .4 .21
Donald can now stamp the numbers onto his Crypto 3 stainless-steel plates. He can separate each number with the hardened steel centre punch provided in the kit.

Is it The Da Vinci Code?
Is it the most sophisticated solution?
But Will it keep your cryptocurrencies SAFE?

Now you can keep your cryptos protected and safe from theft, fire, hacking, water damage, earthquake, hurricanes, flooding, memory loss, accidental damage.

You name it – You’re Protected!

“At first I was reluctant to get your Crypto 3 kit. I have millions of Euros on my Ledger Nano and I just couldn’t seem to match the technology of the cryptos and the blockchain with your simple Crypto 3 stuff.
But I thought about it, and it is what it is. I now have a Crypto plate stashed away in my home, one in my office and I have the other in a safe deposit box. It is a brilliant simple solution that I would recommend to anybody.”
E. H. - Geneva

Men and women, corporations, even blockchain company directors have bought the Crypto 3 System.

“I ordered it and it arrived about a week later. I had my plates stamped in about an hour. My daughter has one, my lawyer has one and I have the other. Please rush me another kit, I am giving it to my son for his birthday.”James – New York

The choice is yours.

You can use the Crypto 3 System to protect your cryptocurrencies, whether the crypto markets are moving up, down, or sideways.

It doesn’t matter.

Just don’t lose access to the things.

You need the Crypto 3 System to protect your assets from the terrible events, the mundane events, the absolute shit that happens to other people every single day.

They Never Thought It Would Happen to Them Either – But It Did

That’s it.

Once you’ve got the Crypto 3 System you will feel better about the security of your cryptocurrencies, you will sleep better – you  have the right to be proud of the steps you have taken to protect your cryptos.

PPPS: Who are you going to turn to when you have been robbed? Or your house has burned down? Or flooded and you can no longer get access to your cryptos?

You are on your own.

And that is a terrible place to be once you have lost everything.

For a very limited period only, I am making the full Crypto 3 System available for just $187 + Shipping

*Plus, for purchasing the system today…

Today You Get an Extra Stainless-Steel Plate –

I don’t know how long I can offer this system at this price. It depends how fast they go.

The Crypto 3 System could disappear from the internet today.

That’s why I want to do everything in my power to get you on board now.


You Choose for Yourself.

  1. Spend a few bucks now and protect your cryptos forever.
  2. Ignore the risk, keep your few bucks and risk losing everything you have to a piece of flimsy paper.

The Crypto 3 System will be mailed out to you today.
You should have it within a few days.
We will email you the link to the password protected training videos where I walk you through the system step by step.

No Bullshit – No Bonuses

How often have you bought something online purely because some slick salesman included a load of bonuses that turned out to be a load of bullshit?

If you are like me, then half the time you didn’t even download them, and if you did, I bet you never opened them. Right?

Look, I have been disappointed before and I know you have too.
So, forget the useless distracting bonuses.

Let’s get on with protecting your cryptos.
Right now.

You have NOTHING to lose and EVERYTHING to gain.

Also, please send me your success story so I can add it to the growing mountain of stories from system owners who are safely protecting their cryptocurrencies.

If you need any further help, please contact me via the Contact Us page.